Frozen Vegetables

Prepared in most hygienic conditions, each of our frozen vegetables offers long-lasting freshness, taste, and texture which make our brand presence felt across the nation

Frozen Okra Bhindi

Frozen Methi

Frozen Tindora

Frozen Guar

Frozen Dudhi

Frozen Turia

Frozen Drum Stick

Frozen Papdi Lilva


Frozen Green Peas

Frozen Mix Vegetable

Frozen Val Papdi

Frozen Chana

Frozen Kabuli Channa

Frozen French Beans

Frozen Coriander

Frozen Chilly

Frozen Capsicum

Frozen Cabbage

Frozen Mushroom

Frozen Potato

Frozen Pumpkin

Frozen Cauliflower

Frozen Asparagus

Frozen Kale

Frozen Basil

Frozen Lemon Grass

Frozen Parsley

Frozen Arugula

Frozen Garlic

Frozen Ginger

Frozen Sweet potato

Frozen Water Chestnut

Frozen Zucchini

Frozen Lettuce

Frozen Spinach

Frozen Gourds

Frozen Radish

Frozen Carrot

Frozen Onion

Frozen Tomato

Frozen Okra

Frozen Brinjal

Frozen Beans

Frozen Amla

Frozen Beet Leaves

Frozen Beet

Frozen Mint

Frozen Mustard Green

Frozen Red Amaranth

Frozen Bok Choy

Frozen Lollo Rossa

Frozen Lollo Rossa Green

Frozen Red Spinach

Frozen Fenugreek Methi

Frozen Green Onion Leaf

Frozen Haldi

Frozen Fruit
Frozen Fruit Pulp
Frozen Premium Juices

What is Frozen Vegetable?

For the purpose of storage and transportation, fresh vegetables obtained from the farm are processed to reduce their temperature below their freezing point. They are picked at peak ripeness, but unlike fruit, they are blanched prior to freezing, destroying enzymes that cause discoloration, browning, and flavor loss.

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