Frozen Strawberry Pulp
Frozen Strawberry Pulp
Shelf Life
18 Months
LDPE bags(1Kg, 2Kg, 5Kg,10 Kg), Drums (35 Kg, 200 Kg)
Storage Condition
Below-18°C Temperature
HORECA, B2B, Exports
Color, Taste & Flavor
Red , Sour & Characteristics Strawberry
Natural color
Good for health
Impurity Free
No added sugar
The product is derived from fresh and sound strawberries free from all toxic residues and taints. Strawberry is composed majorly of water which is beneficial to combat high blood pressure. Furthermore, strawberries have anthocyanins, which give them their characteristic red colour and antioxidant power. Bulk packed frozen fruit pulp are key raw materials for the production of various food and beverages in an extensive range of industrial applications.

Brix % (TSS at 20 °C) = 9.0 – 13.0 | pH = < 4.2 | Acidity = 0.6 - 0.9
General Standards : Product is free from added sugar, dyestuff, synthetic flavor, stabilizers, pesticides & herbicidal residues and radioactive contamination.

Preservatives : Free from chemical preservatives
Strawberries are harvested and delivered fresh to the factory, each load is quality assurance sampled and assessed for foreign material and physical defects. The strawberries are washed, thawed, pureed, inspected and frozen to -18°C or below. The process ensures that the natural flavor & aroma of the fruit is retained in final product.
During packing, the Strawberry Pulp is inspected before weighing and filling into poly-lined packagings. These packages are Best Before and Production date coded, check weighed, metal detected, palletized and stretch-wrapped before being despatched to the clients, at -18°C.

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